Based on the belief that everyone should be able to have their special
day celebrated in the way they wish, Rev. Jody Jackett would be happy
to help you celebrate your day without the angst of pressure from family
or friends for the “traditional” religious ceremonies.

If you are within the Metropolitan Detroit area, or S.E.Michigan area,
Rev. Jody would like to meet with you and find out the type of ceremony
you wish to have. To incorporate what you wish of the “traditional” in
with your specially designed ceremony.

Types of ceremonies include Weddings, Hand-fastings, Baptisms,
Commitment Ceremonies, Holy Unions, Civil Ceremonies, and other rituals.
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Rev. Jody D. Jackett
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Are you willing to perform a ceremony at a non-religious site?
Yes. The Churches are no longer the only place for two people to be wed. Some like the
confines of their own back yard. Some in a park, out with nature. And where ever the couple
wish to be joined is not for me to say.

Are you flexible in the wording used throughout the ceremony including the vows?
Yes. I meet with the couple and get a feeling for who and what they are. What is their passion
for each other and try to involve those thoughts and ideas into words. I even allow them to write
some of the ceremony If they wish to.

Do you allow the couple to write their own vows, If desired?
Again, yes. It's their day. They have every right to say what is in their hearts.

Do you have a list of readings preselected, from which the couple must choose?
I have some suggested readings. But again, the heart tells them what is right for them.

Do you require that premarital counseling be done?
No. When I sit with the couple, I can tell If they need anything like that. I may offer them my
benefit of experience.. But I'm not a counselor. There are professionals for that.  

Are you willing to perform pre-ceremony rehearsals?
Absolutely. I find it almost essential. Something may come up and need to be changed at the
last minute. Rehearsals are great places to get all the questions answered.

Does it matter what religion the couple is?    No.  In today’s world of cyber - connections
and other dating services, sometimes finding the one for you transcends meeting at churches, or
social functions like it did years ago. This is the 21st century. There is no such thing as "the
norm" any more. Normal..is what we are..and everyone else..is their own version of normal.

Do you perform Commitment Ceremonies or same sex ceremonies? Yes. I believe that
people can find their soul mate’s no matter what sex they are. I refuse to be closed minded
about many things. We live in a country built on the ideal that we can search for and find
happiness. Who is to say where that happiness comes from.

What other ceremonies do you perform?     I’ll perform hand fasting.. Broom jumping.. Sand
and unity candle ceremonies. There are others that I've not done, but that does not mean I
won’t do them. I do extensive research into each ceremony I’m asked to perform.

Are you affiliated with any group?     I am a member in good standing of the American
Association of Wedding Officiates, and My Heart Is Yours Ministry. These groups promote the
inclusion of Professional caring and understanding ministerial clergy for celebratory events (such
as wedding services and other symbolic ritual needs) which promote understanding and
acceptance of our society's diversity; and treating people of every race, creed, color, national
origin, ancestry, religion, disability, sexual orientation or preference, with dignity and respect.

What Religion do you practice?    I am a Spiritual Humanist. It’s a faith based on reason. I am
ordained as a Spiritual Humanist as well as being Ordained through the Universal Life Church.

Why should I pick you when I can get a friend to get a "online ordination" and marry us?
Because, you want your wedding to be legal. Not all states, nor counties in every state
recognize "online" ordinations. The State of Michigan's statutes are clear in that according to the
revised statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT), Chapter 83. Of marriage and the solemnization thereof.
551.7 Persons authorized to solemnize marriage; records; returns;disposition of fees charged
by the mayor or county clerk.

Sec. 7.
(1) Marriages may be solemnized by any of the following:

(i) A Minister of the Gospel or cleric or religious practitioner, anywhere in the state, If the
minister or cleric is ordained or authorized to solemnize marriages according to the usages of
the denomination.

(j) A Minister of the Gospel or cleric or religious practitioner, anywhere in the state, If the
minister or cleric is not a resident of this state but is authorized to solemnize marriages under
the laws of the state in which the minister or cleric or religious practitioner resides.

(2) A person authorized by this act to solemnize a marriage shall keep proper records and make
returns as required by section 4 of 1887 PA 128, MCL 551.104.

So, it takes more than just a piece of paper for a "friend" to marry a couple. There are legal
documents to be filled out by the Minister, the filing must be done the lawful, proper and timely
fashion, and all records must be kept and maintained by all individuals authorized to perform
these services.

Also, pursuant to Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT) Chapter 83. Of marriage and the
solemnization thereof.
551.15 Ceremony performance with the knowledge of lack of authority or legal impediment;

Section 15.
If any person shall undertake to join others in marriage, knowing that he is not lawfully
authorized so to do, or knowing of any legal impediment to the proposed marriage, he shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by
imprisonment in the county jail not more that 1 year, or by a fine not less than 50 nor more than
500 dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.

So, based on all that legal stuff... If you get your friend to marry you and later you find out your
not legal, you've opened that person up to law suits for recovery of what the wedding costs, any
legal fees it would take to make changes to the legal documents that the couple may have
signed .. Well the list could get very long, very quick.

If you are looking to have a family member or friend perform the ceremony, that can be
arranged. A nominal fee for filling out and filing the paperwork, and the declaration and
pronouncement of man and wife can be negotiated.  

Tips and Advice:
Wedding ceremonies are a beautiful way of being forever joined with the person you
love. It is a time that you will remember for the rest of your life. A time shared with
friends..and family and loved ones. Let your imagination be your guide to what you want
it to be. It can be a fun or as solemn as you want it to be. It can be themed for what ever
you want it to be. I've done Hawaiian themed weddings, Halloween Ceremonies, many
outdoor weddings.. And location weddings. Plan early.  Find someone that has worked
with many different vendors in the wedding area. Most officiants can or should be able
to recommend florists, jewelers, dress makers, cake decorators., DJ's,
photog/videographers etc. Take a look at my "Links" page for people I'm listed with.
Brooke Remines
American Sign
Language Interpreter
As the need arises, I strive to give my
couples and their families ceremonies that
will be remembered by all. If a family
member or two has a hearing disability or
language barrier then I can supply an
American Sign Language Interpreter or a
Spanish Language Interpreter as needed
for an additional fee.
Need something or someone for your special day? Please
check out my preferred vendor list page. I can vouch for
these vendors as I have worked with them and have had
nothing but good comments to say about them.